The Big News

The Big News

Ian and I have been keeping a very BIG secret for a while now and have decided it’s time to share the news…

We are having a baby!

I am at 20 weeks, as of Tuesday, and so am officially half way there! I can’t believe how fast it has gone. We had the big ultrasound appointment on Wednesday and decided not to find out the sex of our baby. Ian had really wanted to, whereas I was on the fence. After some wise advice from a woman at my gym, we decided that it would be more of an incentive to get me through the delivery if we left it as a surprise. The delivery… let’s not even think about that right now – we’ll leave that discussion for another post.

Seeing baby gb on the monitor during the ultrasound was truly amazing. Our baby is getting so big from the initial ultrasound we had at 13 weeks and was moving, tumbling and rolling all over the place. Baby gb is quite the entertainer already as he/she had us all laughing, including the technician. It was like watching a mini movie… I can see why Tom Cruise allegedly bought their own ultrasound machine! I would love to watch baby gb all day.

I have so much to share about the past few months on my experiences thus far and will post the weekly stomach pictures that I’ve been taking.

The most exciting thing that has been happening in the past week is the more frequent movements of baby gb that I’m feeling now – and not just at night. It is the most incredible feeling and now I know there truly is a baby in there.

Here is baby gb. So precious. Any guesses on the sex just from the pics? LOL…

Profile and already doing yoga poses: